The mortgage application process

Applying for a first or subsequent home loan, or even refinancing, may be easier than you think. We have a dedicated, streamlined approach to take you from goal setting to new home or asset.

It’s never too early for a conversation about how a new loan may be possible for you.

IWe’re not a bank, and you never need to worry that discussing the possibility of a new loan with us will appear on your credit file that lenders will be able to see.

Here’s how we do things:

  • Let’s get together; online or in person. Book a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your financial situation. Once we know your current situation and where you might sit among the lenders, we can help you set financial goals and answer any questions you have. We will check your documentation and help you gather any additional material.
  • We do our homework. We are connected to over 30 residential lenders, 22 commercial lenders and 22 asset, equipment, and personal finance lenders – so there are many avenues to finding the right loan for you. We are always mindful of your individual situation and what you want, and we’ll discover the top loans and products that suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • We present solutions. We’ll take you through the options and only present you with loan options we believe will be approved, in order to protect your credit rating and respect your time. With an in-depth knowledge of pairing clients to lending solutions with great rate & fee structures, we have an excellent record of success. Then, when you’ve chosen the product that’s right for you, we’ll prepare your application for the lender.
  • Partnering for the future. Our client care doesn’t end when the application is sent off. We are dedicated to seeing your application approved and loan settled. From there we believe we can be part of your long-term financial strategy, helping you shape up plans for the future, along with solid goals and timelines. From time to time we continue to monitor the loans we have set up, checking for the best interest rates as the market changes, and ensuring the product you have is always well suited to your needs – and of course you can contact us anytime to check in.

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