Our team of expert finance brokers are here to work alongside you to help achieve your financial goals.

The right loans at the great rates

Our team of expert finance brokers are here to help. Whether you need a new home loan, refinancing, business commercial, personal loans, or insurance, we’re here to work alongside you to help achieve your financial goals.

First Home

Purchasing a first home can be a little overwhelming. Let us partner with you along the way. We work for you, not for the banks, and we’ll support you through the whole process.

We can liaise with banks and lenders on your behalf, and turn the financial jargon into everyday language. We’ll also secure great solutions, rates and products for your situation. We’ll take you through additional purchase costs such as stamp duty and settlement fees so there are no nasty surprises.

We can advise you on pre-approval and the parameters of your budget, so you can put in a strong offer with confidence.


Next Home

Purchasing your next home can be a stretch but our goal is to make it simple. Let a dedicated broker from Certitude help you through the process.

We can help you develop a short- and long-term financial strategy and help give you the right advice on structuring your loans as your property portfolio increases and becomes more complex.


Refinancing and debt consolidation

Periodically checking whether your loan is still the best rate and product for your circumstances can save you time and money over the life of your loan. The loan that was perfect five years ago may not be the most suitable one available today. Our brokers can perform regular checks on your loan and any other options you have. We can also renegotiate loans to your advantage during any changes in circumstances with your work, family, or lifestyle.

Let’s look at whether we can get a better rate with your current lender, refinance your loans with better rates and terms, or consolidate your debt. There are often ways to pay off debts faster, for less.

Perhaps it’s time to renovate or extend the family home. We can help you find a way forward so your home suits your family.

Business, vehicles and personal loans

Starting or growing a business? We can help you secure start-up loans, lines of credit and equipment loans. We look at features that will serve your business and ensure you get the right loan for your particular business situation. Vehicle purchases, either for personal use or for business, are among the most important loans to get right. Get our brokers working for you. And if you need a personal loan for a holiday or lifestyle change, we can help with that too. It is better to talk with a trusted broker about your options than be pushed into credit card debt with high interest rates.


You’ve worked hard for it. We’ll help protect it.

We partner with financial planners and insurance companies who can provide great options to protect your home, investment properties, vehicles, business, contents, and health. We also have specialists on speed dial who we trust to take you through a very customised solution for you.

Protect your home, investment properties, vehicles, business, contents, and health today.

Talk to us about structuring a loan that is most suitable for you.

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